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  • ERCOT Finally Values Wind Peak Capacity Using Actual Data

    For the last five years, the Sierra Club has been in a healthy discussion at ERCOT (Electric Reliable Council of Texas) and the Public Utility Commission of Texas over how to calculate the value of wind energy during peak demand. Opponents of wind still use an antiquated yet lingering criticism that it tends to generate electricity mostly at night and not when Texas needs it the most – on hot summer afternoons. The state’s grid operator just assumed all wind generation had the same value at peak. Thanks in part to our efforts this isn’t the case anymore.

  • Welcome Mayté Salazar and Tane Ward to the Texas Team!

    Recently, the Sierra Club welcomed the arrival of two great new staff members to work in our Austin office. Mayté (like My-tay) Salazar, who helped to establish a low-income advisory task force in Austin, is now an Apprentice with the Beyond Coal Campaign. Dr. Tane Ward, a long time Indigenous Rights activist who has worked extensively with community groups in Austin for more than ten years, is the new Organizing Manager for the Beyond Coal Campaign in Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, and Mississippi.

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