• Is Solar the New Wind in Texas?

    No one can dispute the rapid rise of wind power in Texas, which is expected to become the third largest source of electricity in Texas this year. From rather humble beginnings in the late 1990s, the wind industry in Texas has grown at an outstanding rate over the last five years, and generated 9.9% of the electricity in the ERCOT market, which covers most of Texas (see chart). In 2014, to date, wind has produced more electricity than nuclear power, according to ERCOT’s Electricity and Demand Report, in which wind produced 22.5 million MWh compared to 22.3 million MWh for nuclear power. Is solar next?

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  • Last Chance to Speak Up for Water Conservation!

    [UPDATE: Sept. 3, 2014] Thank you to everyone who attended public hearings and/or submitted comments to the Texas Water Development Board in favor of water conservation funding. Your efforts are much appreciated, and you have definitely made an impact! The turnout for the evening hearing in Fort Worth was particularly impressive. Though the comment period for TWDB's proposed rules to implement Prop 6 is now closed, the process is not yet complete. The agency stff and Board will review comments and consider changes to the rules over the next few months, with an anticipated adoption date in early-to-mid December. Sierra Club will continue to be involved in this process and work towards greater water conservation in Texas.

  • Time to Step up to the Plate and Ask for the Money

    It may not seem like much is going on at the Texas Legislature right now, with the 84th session still months away and an election between now and then, but budget decisions are being made now that will affect key state agencies, including the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. Agencies such as the TCEQ are in the middle of submitting “legislative appropriations requests,” or LARs, which will form the basis of the state budget for fiscal years 2016 and 2017. Lone Star Chapter Conservation Director Cyrus Reed recently submitted comments to the TCEQ that would improve air quality and develop clean energy infrastructure in Texas, if adopted.

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