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  • Why women's rights matter for the environment

    [Originally posted in TribTalk, Sept. 16, 2014] Texas women have suffered major setbacks to their reproductive health and rights this year. At the federal level, the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision has made it more difficult for women to access their contraceptive method of choice. At the state level, the Legislature and Gov. Rick Perry have enacted new restrictions on clinics providing basic women’s health care and family planning services.

  • Is Solar the New Wind in Texas?

    No one can dispute the rapid rise of wind power in Texas, which is expected to become the third largest source of electricity in Texas this year. From rather humble beginnings in the late 1990s, the wind industry in Texas has grown at an outstanding rate over the last five years, and generated 9.9% of the electricity in the ERCOT market, which covers most of Texas (see chart). In 2014, to date, wind has produced more electricity than nuclear power, according to ERCOT’s Electricity and Demand Report, in which wind produced 22.5 million MWh compared to 22.3 million MWh for nuclear power. Is solar next?

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