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  • Senators Need to Hear You Support Energy Efficiency and HB 2392

    A great energy efficiency bill, HB 2392, still has a shot to pass the Senate, but your State Senator needs to hear from you today! The bill would create a revolving loan program for Texas homes and businesses known as "WHEEL" which would be run through the State Energy Conservation Office (SECO). The "Warehouse for Energy Efficiency Loans" is designed to leverage private funds or Federal funds for energy efficiency with additional private dollars. This program has been successful in states such as Pennsylvania, Kentucky, and Hawaii.

  • Take Action to Protect State Parks!

    Make two quick calls this week: one to your State Senator and one to your State Representative.  HB 849, creating two state sales tax-free weekends for firearms and hunting supplies, must be stopped in the Senate Finance Committee.  SB 228, creating one such weekend, must be stopped in the House Ways and Means Committee!  Both bills have already been approved in the chambers where they originated and have been referred to committees in the opposite chambers for a public hearing, which is where we have to stop them.

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