• Legislative Update: January 2015 – Gloves Already Off

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    The 84th Legislature has begun… kicking and screaming. After swearing in, the new leadership went about consolidating their political power. Governor Greg Abbott suggested modifying cities’ ability to protect themselves, and Lt. Governor Dan Patrick – who declared “a new day in Texas” – made it easier for partisan legislation to pass. Meanwhile, the gears of the legislative process have rumbled to life with new committees, the budget, bills, and more.

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  • Tell EPA in Person You Want Clean Air! Smog Hearing in Arlington, Jan 29!

    It's simple. Burning fossil fuels causes smog. And across the region, oil, gas, and coal are some of the biggest contributors to our smog problems. Smog threatens our health, especially children who develop asthma or other serious respiratory illness as a result of breathing in this toxic pollution. EPA has proposed to reduce the amount of smog that is allowable under the Clean Air Act to be more in line with what our best, most up to date science is telling us is safe to breathe. And next week, they want to hear from you.

  • What ERCOT Reports Can Tell the New Lege

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    “It’s a New Day in Texas” exclaimed new Lt. Governor Dan Patrick this week. It’s a new year too, which gives wind and solar power another chance to break more records. According to recent reports from the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the grid operator for most of the state, wind power broke a few of their own records in 2014, and solar is gaining ground. But what’s coming down the line in 2015 and beyond?<--break->

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