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  • Public Is Needed to Develop Report on Galveston Bay

    The Galveston Bay Foundation and Houston Advanced Research Center are seeking the public's help in developing a report card about the health of Galveston Bay, scheduled to be released in early 2015. Everyone who lives near, uses, or simply has an interest in Galveston Bay is encouraged to visit www.galvbay.org/reportcard to take an important survey, submit comments about issues concerning bay health, and learn more about the project.

  • Zombie Apocalypse Hike

    From Texas Parks & WIldlife, an incredibly clever convergence of Halloween and learning about nature! Looks like it continues throughout the month too! [TPWD] Have you wondered about your abilities to live in the wild, such as after an apocalyptic event? Well, we’re going to talk about the basic skills needed to find food, water, shelter, and space in our short (somewhat humorous) program. We’ll begin at the Nature Center and travel to find the necessary items for survival. Then, we’ll discuss the importance of plants and human uses of the area. Finally, we'll test your skills to survive a zombie apocalypse.