Who We Are

The Austin Regional Group of the Sierra Club is a volunteer organization of over 4800 members. We've been an integral part of the Austin scene since 1968.

Our goal is to ensure that the Austin area remains a healthy, vibrant, place to live. We believe that the health of the human world is inextricably linked to the health of the natural world, and we offer a wide variety of activities and volunteer opportunities to support our goal.

  • Conservation:  Our volunteers work to fight against global warming, air pollution, aquifer depletion, and urban sprawl.  We promote clean energy, water conservation, and responsible transportation options.
  • Politics:  Our Political Committee is involved in local elections, researching candidates and offering endorsements to those who will best protect the environment.
  • Outings: From local dayhikes to weekend canoe trips to week-long camping trips to places such as Big Bend and Colorado's San Juan Mountains, our Outings are recognized for being well-organized, educational, and rewarding.
  • Inspiring Connections Outdoors:  Our community-outreach program connects underserved youth and adults with nature by taking them on outdoor educational field trips.

The Austin Regional Group is part of National Sierra Club, our nation's oldest, largest, and most influential grassroots environmental organization, with over 2 million members and supporters. We are also part of the Lone Star Chapter, the Sierra Club entity that addresses Texas-wide environmental issues.

Key decisions regarding the Group's operation are made by the seven-member Executive Committee.

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